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L2U Warranty Policy

1. Warranty Period:

The warranty period for overall unit is write on the PO or PI depends on different product. Period start from production by Bokun Technology Co.,Ltd.

2. Warranty Range:

All products which is made by BokunTechnology Co.,Ltd.
In warranty period, all of the defective products must be returned to the factory to be repaired or be replaced, or deduct from next order amount.

3. Warranty policies are as follows:

1) Customer is responsible to prepare the report of defective products. Provide necessary details to Bokun to provide the defective. Bokun company will analyze according customer’s report.

2) If the defection improvable, we will ask customer send back to our factory. Then we will improve it. After improve and testing, we will send back the product to customer.

3) If buyer/customer could repair by themselves, we will send part for repairing.

4) For the products which couldn’t repair but need to be replaced within the warranty period,. Bokun will replace them with products which have the same specifications, and the replacing products have same rights as the original products; The original warranty period for the repaired or replaced products which are still in warranty period will not be extended.

5) Customer could also deduction the amount of defective quantity by agreement between us. At this case, both parties don’t need to repair the defective product.

4. Bokun will not provide warranty of our product in the following cases:

1). Not properly usage according to the manual.

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