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Lighting2you (L2U) is registered brand of Bokun Technology Co., LTD..
We are high-tech and professional enterprise of LED Light and power supply. We Research, develop, manufacture and export high quality LED lights. All the articles
we providing are green and energy-saving products. After whole staff's effort
and constant innovation, Bokun has become one of the most famous LED suppliers
in the LED Lighting Field. In order to bring better service to our clients,
we become a integrated enterprise. We now not only provide LED lights,
also LED power supply and smart control systems to our clients.
2010 --- LED  strip, Aluminum profile, linear light, LED G4, G9,R7S,
                         LED strip, LED flood light,  LED high bay
2012 --- we cut lot of production line.  we only fouce on LED strip light. and LED aluminum profile .
2014 --- Not only provide Professional strip light and Linear light,  but also full solution of Linear light for project.
              all our product is 3years warranty at least.  for special case is 5years warranty.
2015 --- Set up Light color managment system, to provide same CCT color for all of the time.
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